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Who can pray 7. Noah is ridiculed

Posted by craig b on February 6, 2008

Not only did Noah have to cop flack from his neighbours, he also had to cop it from his family; his brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces. Not only them, but also his in-laws though most likely they were all related any way. Imagine the conversation that went on between his wife and her mother if she was alive, or her sister…

MotherI’m worried about you dear… Is Noah alright? … I think he needs to see someone…

Wife – Don’t worry about me mum…Noah is fine mum… He is seeing someone; he talks to God every day…

Mother That’s just what I mean dear…don’t you think he has gone to far with this God stuff?… I mean it’s all a bit of a mythical story about God and how he made Adam and Eve, and kicked them out of the so called Garden of Eden…

Sister I’m worried about you as well sis; don’t you think you are taking it all a little bit too seriously about this God stuff? … I mean who believes you? … Surely God would have spoken to other people about it as well, if it was really going to happen … if he really does exist that is…

Brother Sis, this has gone far enough, who does Noah think he is? … Why would God pick him? … Look at him, Mr Goody two shoes… Does he think he is better than us?…

Wife – Come on mum, you know full well that God is not a mythical leg-end! …. You all know the history of Noah’s great grandfather, the history of Cain and Able, and that Adam and Eve were real… You really know that the Garden was real…. You only have to look around at what is happening today to know that sin is prevalent in today’s society… Noah believes God, he knows God, and I believe God as well… Come on guys, don’t get left behind, come help us build it, and you too can be saved…

MotherWhat will the neighbours think?…Nothing is going to happen dear… just wait and see…Rain, what an imagination…I wonder what he will think of next…I just hope no one will think to badly of you dear…

While the above conversation is fiction, we do know that only 8 people boarded the ark, they being Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. There was no one else. No neighbours, no extended family; only Noah and his family. So perhaps there could be some truth in it after all.

What does your neighbourhood think of your faith?

What does your family think of your relationship with the living God?

Noah would have known about his great grandfather, though he had never met him. He certainly would have heard a lot about him as well as the full history of Adam and Eve. Perhaps he was caught up with the tale of Enoch walking with God? Perhaps he thought, if Enoch could do it, so can I? Noahs father Lamech, named him Noah, for it means comfort. And at his birth, Lamech says,

“He will comfort us in the labour and painful toil of our hands caused by the
ground the LORD has cursed.” (Gen 5:29)

Noah was five hundred years old when God spoke to him about what he wanted him to do, those around him knew his name, they would have known what Noah meant, and still they did not believe him.


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