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Who can pray 2. In the beginning …God

Posted by craig b on February 6, 2008

In answering these questions; let’s take a trip back in time before the beginning of creation, where the Bible tells us,

“In the beginning God” Gen 1:1

Pinnock speaks of the Trinitarian relationship where each member of the Godhead gazes at each other, creatively working together in perfect love. In unity they speak about what they are going to make, their creative results reflecting their perfection. Finally saying, “Let’s make mankind in our image” Gen 1:26 and with their creation were totally satisfied, for He saw His work was very good. This goodness was a natural result of Gods creativity, His creation mirroring His goodness, mirroring His likeness, mirroring His attributes. Because of this mirroring, all of creation was created for all of mankind, to fulfill Gods purpose for them in having dominion over the world, and in doing so bring glory to God4
God set them to work, with the responsibility of tending and caring for His creation. There we see our ancestors reflecting Gods creativity as He dele-gated His job in the continuation of naming His creation…Something we are still are doing today. There we get a picture of Adam and God working to-gether in the Garden, as God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would name them. Here we see Gods open invitation towards his final creation, to join in the Trinitarian dance, adding a fourth dimension to an already perfect relationship. God saw that Adam needed a helpmate, someone of his own kind and from Adam he created Eve.

Think of the power of the relationship between Adam and Eve as they re-flected the relationship of the Godhead, in whose image they were created. To try and think of the perfection of the unbroken relationship they had with each other, creation and God is nearly unimaginable in today’s sin fallen world. Conversation with God was natural, it was face to face, and indeed we can see this illustrating the truth of Calvin’s quote.

3. Jim Castelli, How I Pray (Ballantine Books, New York, 1994) p.iv.

4.John Piper, Desiring God, (Intervarsity Press, England, 1996 ) p. 256


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